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Solar System Wide Pole Shift The Evidence Is Building 02-04-2013 DNA Changes - New Lunar Atmosphere
Published on 4 Feb 2013

Evidence of the pole shifts, cover ups, Our moon now has an Atmosphere and Here on earth we are evolving New Quadruple Helix DNA found - The evidence is building it is only a matter of time before the doo doo hits the fan.

POLE SHIFT PHENOMENA REPORTED by RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF SCIENCE: http://crisisboom.com/2011/01/23/pole...

'Quadruple helix' DNA strains seen in human cells for the first time http://www.disclose.tv/news/Quadruple...
Astronaut Edgar Mitchell - Witness Testimony
Published on 22 Jun 2013

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man on the moon, testifies to extraterrestrial visitation and military coverup.

Special thanks to James Fox for providing the interview.

Get more information here,

Get updates by following The Disclosure Project and CSETI on:



Documents and testimony from "Disclosure: Military and Government Witnesses Reveal The Greatest Secrets in Modern History" by Dr. Steven M. Greer.

Music by Kevin MacLeod (www.incompetech.com)

"The POWER of SPIN" by The Resonance Project / Nassim Haramein
Published on 11 Mar 2012

Resonance Project Foundation Website: http://resonance.is

* The Resonance Project facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TheResonance...

* Nassim Haramein facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Nassim.Haram...

* The Resonance Project - Official Spanish Language Page: https://www.facebook.com/TheResonance...


Nassim Haramein's Delegate Program taught by Jamie Janover - Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlTkU8...

Simple Explanation of unified field theory by Jamie Janover: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxfBg6...

Solar System Dynamics Animation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBlAGG...


Nassim Haramein's Paper "Quantum Gravity & the Holographic Mass": http://www.sciencedomain.org/abstract...

2014 Ancient Knowledge pt. 1-6 *Full Movie*Published on 10 Jul 2012

Published on Apr 5, 2014

Sacred Geometry, Ancient Technology, Spirituality, Consciousness, Hidden History, Lost Civilizations, Energy, Coral Castle, Magnetism, Illuminati, Suppression, Religion, Astrology, Numerology, Philosophy, Esoteric and Occult Knowledge, and more...

I have combined all 6 parts, including addendum's, into one video for easier viewing. Please view with an open mind...

This video is shared and created under the fair use for educational purposes act. All credit goes to the original creator of the clips herein, and I simply combined all the parts in the series on youtube into one video for easier viewing.

This video is shared and created under the fair use for educational purposes act. All credit goes to the original creator of the clips herein, and I simply combined all the parts in the series on youtube into one video for easier viewing.

Mind Science Kept Hidden
Published on Feb 7, 2013 -

John Lear Tells All - Part 1 of 4
Uploaded on 1 May 2008
A Project Camelot interview

Las Vegas, April 2008


...now some of you may be asking why so many airlines collapsed that I worked for and why I got fired so many times. My excuse is simple. I am not the brightest crayon in the box, I am extremely lazy, I have a smart mouth and a real poor f**king attitude. John Lear

Yes, he's incorrigible and fun loving, with a great sense of humor that has served him well over these many years. Our 2006 interview with John Lear (see below) remains one of our favorites.

When we met again with him recently, with considerably more time at our disposal than we had two years ago, John piled his studio table high with books, diagrams and research papers and sat down to tell us "everything he knew".

With special emphasis on the Bob Lazar saga - as only John can tell it - we cover the inconsistencies in the 911 theories and why as a world renowned pilot he is uniquely qualified to judge just what kind of planes, if any, hit the World Trade Center (answer, none: John explains why they were holograms); why the moon's gravity may be as much as 64% that of the Earth's, and could retain a very thin atmosphere; how Ben Rich, the former Director of the Lockheed Skunk Works, was a Mossad agent; the location of the "new Area 51", called Sandia, deep within the Nevada desert; what really happened at Above Top Secret, an internet forum where he was attacked and which he has subsequently left... and much more.

There's nothing here about 2012 or 'Planet X' - both of which John dismisses - but we think you will be entertained and fascinated by the reported detailed experiences and opinions of someone who deserves to be respected and admired for his courage, character, and maverick commitment to revealing what he believes is the truth.

Transcript at here.

John Lear Tells All - Part 2 of 4
Uploaded on 1 May 2008
Transcript at here.

Some more background on John Lear can be found at GreatDreams.com

John Lear Tells All - Part 3 of 4
Uploaded on 1 May 2008
Transcript at here.
John Lear Tells All - Part 4 of 4
Uploaded on 2 May 2008
Transcript at here.
Published on 1 May 2013

Nuclear physicist and researcher Stanton Friedman blasts a passive media for missing the biggest story of the millennia and the political and scientific communities, for failing to do their homework on the reality of the ET presence.

Friedman lunged into complicit journalists, politicians and scientists, whose apathy is helping to keep the public in the dark about the Cosmic Watergate, while giving evidence at the historic Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, in Washington DC.

To watch the full archives of the hearings, click on the link above.

Published on Sep 24, 2011

Documentary on Water.. Water the most important and basic element on planet earth.. This video tell us about the miraculous technology and its Unbelievable positive impacts on human body, Agriculture and industrial areas..

Bringers of the Dawn - 1 of 16
Published on Sep 26, 2008

Bringers of the Dawn

Thanks to original uploader...


What are the different theories of what's occurring?

Are we experiencing alternate realities? Is there something occurring like CERN that is splitting space-time or causing a strange merging of other realities?

And are we having false memories?

Psychologists and psychiatrists have used Occam's razor, which we hear all the time, and stated the most likely scenario is that people are having false memories, which is . . . they need to explain why a certain number of the population are having the exact same false memory.

Are they the effects of time travel?

Now, I think we've all heard of the different programs where people travel back in time. That went on for some time, (smile) but they realized that they were fracturing space-time and the current timeline.

So they started going back trying to fix those problems, causing more problems.

And finally, a non-terrestrial group visited us and told us that we needed to stop messing around going back in time because time was elastic, and just like space, it'll snap back together.

And that could explain some of the things that we see with the Mandela Effect.. . And, of course, the psychologists say it's an effect of confabulation, a clinical term for memory defects.

SphereBeing Alliance
PLease check the Blog entry.
Cosmic Disclosure

Red Shift or Red Herring? - Oct 1985
Published on 12 Apr 2017

Patrick talks to Iain Nicolson about Red Shift, on this programme first broadcast on 1985 Oct 13/14. Thanks again to James Fraser. Note: the Sept 1985 programme about The Computerised Amateur (Ron Arbour) was uploaded last year and is still available on this channel!


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