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First a word of Caution:

Observing the sun directly whether with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope causes instant and irreversible damage to your eye and almost certainly permanent blindness. Please take informed advice before proceeding to observe the Sun. There are methods and instruments available to assist in such observation - the full aperture of any instrument that is pointer at the Sun must be covered with an appropriate solar filter or filter mask combination

Here at this society we make use of White Light binoculars, a Coronado Solar telescope and occasionally Baader AstroSolar[TM] Solar Filter Material from Baader Planetarium - this filter material has been specifically designed and manufactured for use on telescopes and binoculars for observing the sun in white light and is sold at most reputable astronomy shops - do not to use any substitute that may be claimed to 'work'. Children must must not make solar observations unless a responsible knowledgeable adult is supervising at all times.

Please be safe - if in doubt don't proceed!

Solar Activity - Videos - page 1

There are many sites dealing with the Sun, our closest star, on the internet. There are links to some on this website. But the purpose of this page is to feature and present some feeds of what is happening to the SUN and some of the alternative solar reports. One thing is for certain is that scientists are not really sure hoe the Sun works and what is stated is so far the accepted theory. For alternate theories and a different view proposed by some other researchers you could have a look at some of the videos on the Uncensored and Unofficial pages of this website such as The Electric Universe on the Science Page.

Here are 4 videos that you may wish to look at - They are not from the usual sources but some may find of interest and consider refereshing or even challenging. More can be found at this YouTube channel or their Website. . . . . .
If you are interested in the state of the Sun and some solar graphics then skip to here

How To Watch The Sun [FREE - No Rental, Donations Optional]
Published on 15 May 2013

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Spaceweather 102: NASA's ENLIL Spiral - The Right Panel Explained [June.25.2013]
Published on 25 Jun 2013

Spaceweather 102: NASA's ENLIL Spiral - The Right Panel Explained [June.25.2013]

Full Info and lots of interesting links can be found here.

Energy from Space
Published on 21 Jan 2013

1) The climate change is real, and there is more to it than CO2 and 'global warming' - it is all extremes.
2) The entire solar system appears to be changing simultaneously.
3) The magnetic changes on earth began hundreds of years ago, and need to be tracked more effectively.
4) Weather modification appears to be implemented, and IMHO it is a zero-sum game.

Fact vs Opinion: The 'Weather Modification' segment contains many statements of my personal opinion on the negative aspects of the various applications. I have nothing but my humble opinion on those matters; humans survived this event before, and we can do it again now.

HAARP comments are meant to help focus our efforts to properly identify these various machines of modification. While auroral modulation has it's benefits, my negative comments about weather modification applies to HAARP as well.

Full Info and lots of interesting links can be found here.
Energy from Space 2.0 AND June 30, 2013 NEWS
Published on 30 Jun 2013

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Solar Graphics

SOHO 'Anomalies'
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